• We're a small startup which firmly believes in building something that exists beyond the surface.

  • Our primary goal is to celebrate women because they not only symbolise strength and resilience but also make everything feel special.

  • Our chic yet comfortable clothes are meticulously tailored into easy and quaint silhouettes. Each of our garments are conceptualised, designed and executed keeping in mind our brand's core values. We as a brand, have a strong credence that everything and everyone has a beauty, and that it comes in every shape and size. Thus, all our garments are size inclusive.

      As a small business, we recognise our responsibility towards our planet and our people.

      • From the inception of our brand, we've been super mindful of not greenwashing our way into the market. Are we 100% sustainable brand? Not yet, but we're getting there. Therefore, everything we produce is either on a made to order basis or is produced in super small batches so that we can limit the fabric wastage.

      • As an upcoming brand, we don't follow seasons or trend forecasts as we don't want to be weighed down by the limitations of the past productions and dead stock. Since our batches are small, we hope that each of our customers will cherish their garments each day.